Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 10

I left work early and since I'm sitting at home waiting on my sister and her family to show up, I thought I'd kill some time by knocking out one more record before I take a hiatus.

Currently listening to The Alan Parsons Project's The Turn Of A Friendly Card.

Don't really know much about this album other than the hit, "Games People Play". I always dug that song so that's why I picked up this record.

Pretty cool concept record though about a dude's gambling problem. Least that's what I'm picking up.

"Time" is a really great song. Definitely hear some Pink Floyd influence on this track.

Ha! Funny side note, I just took the sleeve out to see if there were any lyrics and it was an April Wine sleeve. We'll get to those guys later.

Ok, this album is a keeper. I have one more Alan Parsons Project lp to listen to this, but that will have to wait. I am interested in picking up some more of their records though. I guess you can label these guys "soft prog-rock". Ain't nothing wrong with that!

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