Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 2

AC/DC - Powerage

Side 1-
1.Rock N' Roll Damnation
2.Down Payment Blues
3.Gimme A Bullet
4.Riff Raff

Side 2-
1.Sin City
2.What's Next To The Moon
3.Gone Shootin'
4.Up To My Neck In You
5.Kicked In The Teeth

Unfortunately, this is the only AC/DC album I own on vinyl. I have the majority of their catalog on my hard drive though.
I found this copy in a box of records for $10 at Half Price Books. It's how I've built up a good chunk of my collection. The sleeve is in really rough shape, but the record itself plays fine. There was one skip on "Sin City", but no biggie.
I think it's safe to say that AC/DC did not put out a bad album with Bon Scott, but this would probably rank near the bottom for Scott-era releases. I love "Rock N' Roll Damnation" and "Gimme A Bullet", but for the three songs that Mark Kozelek covered on one of his solo albums, I felt myself liking his versions better while I was listening to this album. I know, rock n' roll blasphemy.

Alright, I'm having fun with this. All day at work, I couldn't wait to go home and listen to the next record. I even thought about cheating tonight and listening to more than one, but I just started watching that Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates". It'll probably suck.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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