Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 3

Acoustic Alchemy- Red Dust & Spanish Lace
Acoustic Alchemy- Natural Elements

Red Dust & Spanish Lace
Side 1-
1.Mr. Chow
3.The Stone Circle
4.The Rideout
5.Girl With A Red Carnation

Side 2-
1.The Colonel And The Ashes
2.One For The Road
3.Sarah Victoria
4.Red Dust And Spanish Lace

Since it's Friday night and all I'm doing is staying home and playing Wii Bowling, I thought I'd listen to both of the Acoustic Alchemy records I own. Most my friends think I'm a tool for digging this band, but I can't help it, I just do. A little smooth jazz never hurt anyone.

Before I bought these records, I had only heard one Acoustic Alchemy album (The Beautiful Game) that I got as a promo back in 2000. I really didn't dig that album that much, but I couldn't get enough of the song "Trailblazer" off that record.

So the band always kind of stuck with me and I did go see them last year for the first time. It was a pretty cool show. It's not very often you wind up at a smooth jazz show.

Anyways, I found both these records at Waterloo Records for .99 cents each. Too good to pass up. But tonight really is my first time to listen to either.

Can't say that Red Dust & Spanish Lace is that good. I know "Mr. Chow" is/was their big hit, but I think that song kinda sucks. On side one, the last three tracks are really cool though.
On side two, can't say there is much there that I like. "One For The Road" started out really cool, but then this drawn out synthesizer solo happened in the middle of the track that made me lose all interest. Nick Webb (RIP) and Greg Carmichael are definitely playing some kick ass acoustic on here, but your mind does start to wander after a couple of tunes.

Natural Elements
Side 1-
1.Drake's Drum
2.Overnight Sleeper
3.Natural Elements

Side 2-
1.If Only
2.Ballad For Key
3.Evil The Weasel
4.Late Night Duke Street

Ok, I'm just about done listening to the Natural Elements album, and I think the reason why I can't get too excited about either of these records is because they came out in the 80's. Way too much use of the fucking synthesizer! Don't get me wrong, I dig a ton of 80's music if it's done the right way, but not like this. The synths just overshadow that great acoustic playing of Carmicheal and Webb. Like I said, I had only heard one other of their albums, but I don't remember this much synthesizer on it.
I'm not ready to give up on these guys though, If I stumble upon another one of their records (for .99) I'll pick it up.
Between these two, I have to give the nod to the first one. I'll probably listen to that one again. Not too sure about this one.

Back to the rock n' roll tomorrow!

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