Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 14

Greg Allman - I'm No Angel

I had a feeling before putting on this album that it was going to be really bad. But it's not. It's just super cheesy. Which is totally fine.

I picked up this record just for the title track. The run of the mill smooth 80's soft rock with an edge really kicks in on track 3 with "Evidence of Love". Pretty much out of nowhere (and for no reason) another voice is taking over on lead vocals. Thinking that was pretty weird for a solo album, I looked up the liner notes to see who was handling co-lead vocals on this song. Surely it had to be someone in his backup band right? Nope.

It was none other than Don fucking Johnson! Yep.

Well, right there I knew I had to keep this record. That's just too funny. Now I need to go find Don Johnson's Heartbeat on vinyl. Which I will admit I owned on cassette tape back in 1986. There are a lot of big time players on that record! Stevie Ray, Dickie Betts, Dweezil, etc...

Ok anyways, back to this record. First and foremost, the only thing the Greg Allman Band share in common with The Allman Brothers is Greg's voice. It does kind of sound like it could have been a soundtrack for Miami Vice.

I will probably never put this record on again except to listen to "I'm No Angel" or the cut with Don Johnson. And I type that with their still being three songs to listen to. That's how confident that the rest is going to be filler.

The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters

Ah yes, the good stuff. Prior to only having this record, the only Allmans cd I had was their Greatest Hits. So it's on my list to find as much of their catalog that I can find on vinyl. I got this one first mainly for the instrumental "Jessica". One, because I've always loved this tune, and two, well it's my girlfriend's name.

But this album is more than that. Also has "Wasted Words", "Ramblin' Man", and "Southbound".
Pretty amazing to me that this was the first Allman Brothers Band album to be record completely after Duane Allman's death.

Man, listening to this record really makes me want to go out tomorrow and at least find Eat A Peach. Maybe I will.

I'm going to have to play this record more often. It's too damn good. I don't recall "Come and Go Blues", but listening to it right now and it rules.
It's also odd to me that on the back side of the cover, it only lists 6 songs and they are out of order. "Jelly Jelly" isn't listed. Strange, maybe I have a collector's item on my hands. I really have no idea. Maybe they were all printed this way.

Well that's it for tonight. I'm going to go listen to Side 2 of this record and relax on the couch.

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