Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 18

April Wine- The Nature Of The Beast

I had to take yesterday off again. Tuesdays are just so tough to devote time to this experiment. But here am back on it listening to some April Wine.

I only picked this record up because I really dig the song "Just Between You and Me". The rest of the album is kinda, meh. "Tellin' Me Lies" is a cool tune, but the rest of Side 1 is pretty cheesy. Especially the last song "Caught In The Crossfire" with the really bad laser gun sound effects. Pretty funny, actually.

Nothing remarkable on Side 2, but some great song titles. "Big City Girls", "Crash and Burn", "Bad Boys". Them be rock n' roll titles right there.

I probably won't ever listen to this album again all the way through, but I really will put on "Just Between You and Me" from time to time.

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