Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 20

Armored Saint- Delirious Nomad

One of the things that I think is cool about doing this is going from a classical album one day to the underappreciated metal awesomeness of Armored Saint. Still don't know why these dudes weren't up there with Metallica and the like for true metal in the 80's. Maybe they should have moved out of L.A. like Lars and the boys did.
Clearly, I dig the hell out of this album. It's the only one of theirs I have on vinyl, but I can listen to John Bush sing anytime. Quite possibly the best metal vocalist alive today now that Dio has passed on. Long live Dio!
I really dig every tune on the album. Standouts are opening number, "Long Before I Die", "Over The Edge", and "Aftermath".
If you like metal and you don't own any Armored Saint, you get a metal demerit.

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