Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 23

AC/DC- For Those About To Rock We Salute You

It's funny that just the other day I said I was going to get the whole Bon Scott era AC/DC on vinyl and then work on the Brian Johnson era, and here I am listening to For Those About To Rock...
Well what happened is I found it for dirt fucking cheap at Half Price this weekend and couldn't pass it up. The record itself was full of some weird gunk on it, but I knew I could clean it up. Sure enough, it plays great. The first 15 seconds or so of "Evil Walks" that leads off Side 2 is pretty scratchy, but that's it. I can live with that. The sleeve is in really good shape as well.

In a way it's sort of a drag that I'm still back tracking when I'm still on the A's. I'm ready to get to the B's. I also picked up another Allman Brothers Band record so I'll be listening to that tomorrow night. After that it's just the Avett Brothers and then I can move on to the B's.

Anyways, for this album, not much to say that I'm sure you don't already know. It's another classic AC/DC album. I love every track and every track loves me.

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