Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 26

Balaam & The Angel- Live Free Or Die

Any Balaam & The Angel fans out there? No? Anyone know who they are? Yeah, sure seems like I'm the only person that remembers this band. And I love this record. Once I started collecting records again, this was one of the albums that was at the top of my list to find.
So Balaam are a late80's/early 90's three piece from England that were "discovered" by Ian Astbury of The Cult. In fact, these dudes are very Cult-like.
Well since you've never heard of them, they obviously never went anywhere. I think they had a total of 3 albums. But this was the only one I had back then. I won't go hunt for the other two on vinyl, but if I stumble across them, I'll pick them up for sure.
I really can't recall how I got into this band. But I remember this record store near where I grew up in Dallas sold all types of rock t-shirts and I wore that fucking thing until there was nothing left to wear.
I had this album on cassette and cd. One for the car, one for at home. It was 1988. Oh, I bet how you all might remember this band. Remember that scene in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles when they land in Wichita and they share a cab to the motel? The kooky cabbie was playing the single off this album, "I'll Show You Something Special". Which rules, but the way. As does that movie.
This whole album is just great and I lucked out in finding a good copy for only $4.95. All these years later, and I still know the words to every song.
I need to look up and see if these guys are active in any form at all. Everyone else gets back together, why not these dudes? Maybe The Cult came take them out on the road...

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