Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 27

The Bangles- Different Light
The Beatles- Soundtrack to "Help"

Yeah, I'm not too sure why I have The Bangles record either. It wasn't all that bad listening to it, and I know I'll never personally want to play it again, but I'll keep it in case Jessica wants to hear "Walk Like An Egyptian" again. There is also a pretty decent cover of Big Star's "September Gurls" on here. And of course, "Manic Monday" will be stuck in our heads for a couple of days.

I was actually really surprised that this Beatles record played as well as it did. I bought it for a buck a few months ago, but never played it until now. It had gunk all over it and quite a few scratches, so I was certain that it'd be skipping all over the place and would end up in my trash bin.
But nope, besides one little skip on the title track, it plays fine. The sleeve is pretty beat up, but that's ok. I'm more about the record than I am the sleeve.
Not my favorite Beatles record, but a good one. I can really do without the instrumentals throught the record. Although I will say, the instrumental version of "Can't Buy Me Love" is pretty cool.
And two of my favorite Beatles songs are on here. "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" and "Ticket To Ride".

Ok, more Beatles tomorrow if I have time. I'm going swimming and then going to see Asia.

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