Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 29

The Beatles- Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles-Yellow Submarine

Unfortunately both of these records are going to have to be tossed. Magical Mystery Tour skips on the first two songs of both sides and there is a huge skip on "Hey Bulldog" on Yellow Submarine. Jessica and I are going to attempt to make coasters out of these instead of throwing them away. She saw someone who gives instructions of how to do it online. I think it'll be pretty cool.

I will be on the lookout for better copies of these albums as well as the rest of the Beatles catalog that I don't have.
I did listen to all of Yellow Submarine, and I guess I never have owned this record. I had no idea that Side 2 was all George Martin instrumentals. Then again, I was never a Beatles freak. Great band, just didn't ever geek out about them.

I did pick up the new record by The Sword tonight. They played a free show in the Waterloo Records parking lot. Shit was awesome. I decided to be fanboy and got them all to sign my album. Fuck it, I think it's cool.

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