Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 30

The Beatles- Abbey Road

Day 30. That's sort of milestone-ish eh?

So I just recently bought this record. I've been noticing lately that I've been putting more emphasis on digging in the A, B, and C sections when out record shopping. Kinda pointless to finish off my Styx collection for example, when I know I probably won't get around to listening to it for another two years or so!
I was just thinking the other day though how lame I am that I don't have any Beach Boys on vinyl. (Couldn't find any in the bins that day either). I did have Pet Sounds for a bit, but I ended up trading it. Oh well, I'll find another one eventually.

So this is my favorite record by The Beatles. It was also one of the first CD's I bought back in 1989 and the album I'm most familiar with by them. I played the crap out of it back then. I really probably haven't listened to this all the way through in at least over 10 years. Still know all the lyrics to every song.

The record plays great though. Good buy for five bucks. But dude, I'm getting Beatled out and I still have two more to listen to before I move on to Jeff Beck. I'd do it tonight, but I'm cranking the new Sword record right now.

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