Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 33

Jeff Beck- Performing this week....Live at Ronnie Scott's
Beethoven- Symphony no. 9 Op. 125 D-Minor

Two double LP's in one night. That's a lot of listening. And both are mostly instrumental to boot. The Beck album is alright. It's his most recent live album that came out in 2008. I might have been more into if I was in the mood for the jazz fusion rock. I had it on while also doing my fantasy football draft, so mostly it was background noise. If I had listened to it last night after Wired, I'd probably be into more. Really have to be in the mood to listen to that stuff. But still, his guitar playing is amazing on this album as well. Dude is the shit.

For the Beethoven, again, I don't know crap about classical music. But this one is pretty cool. It's funny how I recognized a lot of it from movies. I'm pretty sure one piece was in Animal House. I've seen that movie countless times.
I kinda fucked up and played the second LP first. Wasn't paying attention and just threw it on. Oh well, I doubt I'm missing out on anything by not listening to it in order.
One little skip on Side 2, but I'm going to let that slide. Doesn't take much effort to move the needle.
That's it for tonight. I'm kind of in a weird spot in the B's right now. I have some really interesting listens coming up over the next few days

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