Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 35

Harry Belafonte- Calypso

You should always keep one Calypso record around the house, right?

This is another record from a grab bag. I only kept it because "Day-O" is on it. It definitely doesn't sound as cool when you are just sitting on the couch that it did when it was used in the dinner scene of Beetlejuice. Fun record overall. I can see putting this record on again while Jessica and I are cleaning up the place.
Reading the back of the record now and there is this pretty funny warning at the bottom that reads:
Beware the Blunted Needle!
A blunted or chipped needle can permanently damage your most valuable records. A worn needle will impair the quality of sound reproduction you hear. make sure your needle is in good condition before you play this record. If in doubt, have it checked by your dealer--or buy a new needle.

Ha! I don't know why but that cracks me up. Who says "blunted needle" nowadays? Good band name.

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