Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 39

The Blue Nile- A Walk Across The Rooftops

I guess I have a thing for Scottish pop bands from the 80's. Although I really didn't discover this band until a few years ago. I heard a song off their 2004 release High and fell in love with the song so much I had to get their whole catalog. So I have their first two records on vinyl and their last two on my computer.
Pretty mysterious band. They release an album once every few years, and as far as I can tell, don't even have a website. Guess Paul Buchanan likes it that way.
This is their debut record and it's solid, but a little too synth heavy. Great closing number in "Automobile Noise" though. That's a song I could listen to repeatedly. Another thing that I really like about The Blue Nile, is Paul Buchanan's voice. His vocals were made for sad songs. Shit can break your heart.

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