Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 44

Bodeans- Home

Last Bodeans record I have. I'm pretty sure only the first 3 were released on vinyl. Now this is the album that introduced me to the band so it will always be special to me. I remember just getting my license and driving around listening to 94.5 The Edge in Dallas and the song "You Don't Get Much" came on. I was hooked instantly. I still love that song so much. It would definitely go in my Top 10. I know most people say it's a U2 ripoff, but so what? Maybe it is. They did just get off tour with them before this album came out.
I also think this is the album where they grew lyrically. Maybe that was some U2 influence also. Kurt Neumann's guitar playing really started to stand out on this record too. Especially on the track "Good Work".
Ok, last night I said Outside Looking In was my favorite Bodeans record, but now that I'm listening to Home again, I'm going to switch and say it's this one. Just so many memories of being a teenager are popping up listening to this record. This record literally could be my High School soundtrack on it's own. Even a lot of memories of my Dad with this album too. He loved the song "Beaujolais" and would want to play it over and over again when we were in the car.
One time the Bodeans were playing a free show in Downtown Dallas, and my Dad took me down there to go. Unfortunately, it was raining that night and they moved it indoors and I couldn't get in because I was only 16 or 17 at the time. Sucked, but I remember thinking that my Pop was really cool for doing that. To this day, every time I go to a Bodeans show, I think of my Dad and wish we had the opportunity to see them together. That would have been special.
Ha! Just read what I typed and I should let you know that my Dad hasn't passed away, he and my Mom live in Japan so chances are pretty slim that we can go to a concert together.
Alright, one last thing I'll say about this record is where I found it. Breakaway Records was having a blowout $1 sale and I found this in the bins still factory sealed. Shit yeah!
And now back to the Chiefs vs. Chargers game....

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