Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 49

Armored Saint- March Of The Saint

I picked this one up at the same time I got the Ryan Adams EP I listened to yesterday. If you have been reading this daily, you'll know that I already wrote up Delirious Nomad and had nothing but good things to say about that one. Well, this record is even better. March of the Saint is their debut full length. I'd love to get my hands on their first EP, Armored Saint. As I said before, Armored Saint is seriously underrated. I remember the first time seeing the video for "Can U Deliver" on Headbangers Ball and being seriously excited about this new and awesome metal band. They looked totally bad ass in their armored gear. I had to have been around 11 or 12 when this album first came out. I had it on cassette tape. You gotta love the back cover with the dudes being on motorcycles ready to fuck shit up.
I'd love to see these guys get on one of the big thrash bills that are going around. I keep reading interviews with Slayer or Megadeth and they comment about how great it is to see the young fans out in the crowd. But do these fans know Armored Saint? They really should.

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