Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 50

Blue Rodeo- Outskirts

Welcome to the all new 1000 Days of Vinyl blog! I hope you like it! Thanks to my buddy Fagan for suggesting I include album cover art and to my girlfriend Jessica for the pic and background. It really was looking pretty boring. I figured adding video would be cool too. Man, I look all official and stuff now!

I have been looking for this record for it seems like forever. Finally, (FINALLY!) found it at Half Price Books on Sunday for only $3. It's in really good shape too. Glad I decided to stop by Half Price on my way to watch the Packers game.
I'm a huuuuge Blue Rodeo fan and this just might have been the most excited I've been finding a record I've been hunting for. Now I just need to find their second album, Diamond Mine. I don't think their third, Casino, came out on vinyl, but I could be wrong about that. Anybody know where I you can find a list of every album that was released or re-released on vinyl? It'd be a really cool resource to have.
Hope you are enjoying the videos. Let me know if you are finding them annoying. Thanks!

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