Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 51

Boston- Boston

I have a really beat up copy that surprisingly plays great. That's all that really matters to me. Tonight's the first of three Boston records in a row, which is going to be tough to do. Not because I hate Boston (I love them) but I just finished my long 15 hour day today, I have The Pixies show tomorrow night and a softball doubleheader on Thursday. I'll find the time to squeeze listening to one album each night though. Ever since I improved the look of this blog, I've been re-energized about it.
For about the first 45 days or so, I really wasn't telling very many people about it. I didn't think anyone would care or would think it was stupid. But I've gotten a lot of positive responses about it so I decided to let everyone know by posting it on Facebook. I guess that has me pumped up about it too. Maybe my friends are just pulling my leg saying they like it, but I'm going to tell myself that they really do think it's cool.
For this record, like I said I love Boston. How can you not? It's really hard for me to say which record I like better: this one or Don't Look Back. I also have Third Stage, but everyone knows that's kind of meh. Without looking it up yet, I'm really curious how many songs on this record were singles. Just looking at the track listing, it seems like every single one of these tracks can be heard at anytime on Classic Rock radio.
Too hard for me to say what my favorites are. Of course "More Than A Feeling" is up there. Is there a better opening song on a debut album? But I've always really dug "Smokin'" and "Something About You" also. Regardless this is definitely a record any lover of Classic Rock should own.
Here's a video of Boston circa 2008 doing "More Than A Feeling" with Michael Sweet from Stryper and that dude who worked at Home Depot who posted videos on youtube of him singing like Brad Delp. I guess Scholz saw it and hired him. Dude can sing alright, but you should have called it quits after Delp died, Scholzie.

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