Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 55

Brahms- Concerto in D Major for violin and orchestra, Op. 77
Bread- The Best of Bread

I'm beginning to think I have too many classical records. This is at least the third or fourth so far. It wasn't all that bad though. I turned it up loud and cleaned up the apartment. Nice background nice, actually. It's good to keep some classical on hand, but maybe after I've gone through all my records, I'll donate some to Goodwill or something.

I really dig this Bread record. I've listened to it a few times. Like I mentioned before, I'm a fan of the soft rock and you can't get any softer than Bread. I don't think I need to get any of their catalog though. This has 12 of their best up to '73. If anything, I'll be on the lookout for The Best of Bread Vol. II.
On another note, I was stoked to finally find Grateful Dead's American Beauty lp. I'm not a deadhead by any means, but I have always loved that album and have been looking for it on vinyl for ages. Think I'm gonna put it on now.

Here's a clip of Bread doing "Baby I'm-a Want You" live.

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