Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 58

Jackson Browne- Jackson Browne a.k.a. Saturate Before Using

To quote my buddy Chris, "Welcome to Jackson Browne Week!" I have seven Jackson Browne records- eight if buy The Pretender this week. I actually thought I owned that, but I guess not. Weird.
I only recently got on a Jackson Browne vinyl kick. I was listening to the radio one morning and "Doctor My Eyes" came on and I thought, I gotta get that record. Always thought that was a really cool tune. So sure enough, we have it at Waterloo for .99 cents. Really .68 cents when you count my discount. How do I pass that up? Well I really dug this record and that led to me snatching up the other 6 rather quickly. Although I haven't listened to them like I have this record.
I'm sure Jackson Browne isn't for everybody and I'm possibly opening myself up to some ridicule from friends for having so much for his catalog, but I think he's a great songwriter and I love his voice. I am afraid those records in the 80's might suck though. I don't recognize any of the song titles on Lives in the Balance at all and he looks kind of creepy on the cover. Wasn't this his "I'm gonna do a lot of drugs and all beat the shit out of Daryl Hannah" period? (Allegedly). Guess we can get into that more when I get to that one.
This album I dig a lot. Opening track "Jamaica Say You Will" is a great opening number and I really can't say any of these songs are bad. I'm really a big fan of his lyrics. Especially on Side 2 opener, "Something Fine". That's a pretty sad song, and I love sad songs.

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