Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 60

Jackson Browne- Late For The Sky

This album is so good, I played it twice. It's all downhill from here for Jackson Browne week! So maybe I'm way off in saying this, but you know how Wilco is sometimes referred to as America's answer to Radiohead? Well, was Jackson Browne ever referred to as America's answer to Van Morrison back in the day? That's the vibe I felt listening to this record. I've been a big Morrison fan for quite awhile, but this week is serving up my Jackson Browne education. I really only knew his hit songs. Why "Late For The Sky" isn't played on classic rock radio like "Running On Empty" is something I'll never understand. It's simply put, an amazingly beautiful song. I know I have a few more of his records to get through, but I highly doubt that that song will be surpassed as my favorite of his.
Another thing about this record that I loved is David Lindley's guitar playing. Dude is just smooth. I've always known his name, but have never heard any of his solo stuff. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them now.

Here's a clip of "Late For The Sky" so you can judge it for yourself regarding it's awesomeness.

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