Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 91

Bruce Cockburn- Stealing Fire

Today while Jessica and I were driving in my car, I started singing Cockburn's "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" and Jessica asks, "Why are you singing a Barenaked Ladies song?" Ha!
I had no idea that the Barenaked Ladies covered this song and I'm sure she has no idea who Bruce Cockburn is. Man, she cracks me up!

I first got into Cockburn about 10 years ago when Universal reissued a bunch of his back catalog on CD and I got the promos. This album was the first one I listened to and was hooked. I started buying up Cockburn albums left and right, but I only have this on vinyl :(. The dude is totally underrated. Maybe because he's from Canada. Seems to happen a lot with the Canadians in the States. And I love Canadian music for the most part. Rush, Triumph, Blue Rodeo, Luke Doucet, Tragically Hip, Neil, Robbie Robertson, to name a few. Hell, I even still dig Saga!

It's always surprised me though when I see Blue Rodeo or Luke Doucet down here in Austin. They play in small clubs and I always assume that most of the people there are from Canada. I don't get it, especially in a town that loves Americana. Canadians do it better than we do! I haven't had a chance to see Bruce Cockburn live though. I'm sure it would be the same situation. I hope I still get the chance though. He'd be perfect for the One World Theatre.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 90

Patsy Cline- Patsy Cline's Golden Hits

I think of Patsy Cline as one of those artists that is impossible for anyone to hate. That voice was just too damn golden.

This is a pretty interesting album to have. I did some research on it and it's kind of a rarity nowadays. The only one of her really well known hits on here is "Walking After Midnight", but the rest of the album is full of gems. I especially dig "Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray" and "I Don't Wanta".

Anyways, reason why this is a rarity of sorts, is that it was released on Everest Records in 1962 and never re-released. The exact date of the release is unknown as well. I'm not saying it's worth any money, but I always think it's cool when you have something that isn't widely available.

Here's a cool video of her performing "Walking After Midnight" in 1958. Such a shame that she died at such an early age:

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 89

The Clash- Combat Rock

Call me stupid, but I never liked "Know Your Rights". I've always thought that song was super annoying and a crappy way to start out an album. And I'm saying that as a fan of The Clash. That song just never did it for me. When I used to have this on cd, I'd skip "Know Your Rights" and go straight to "Car Jamming", which is a great tune. But, for the purposes of this blog, I did start from the beginning.

It's kinda funny to listen to "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" now. It brings back memories of about two years ago of playing Rock Band with my friends. I was always on vocals doing my best Mick Jones.

I will say that The Clash are another band that I was late to jump on board with. Since I preferred the metal, anytime "Rock The Casbah" came on MTV, I got annoyed and changed the channel. Hell, it was until a few years ago that I found out the video was filmed in Austin. What can I say? I was a stupid and foolish boy, but I have made up for lost time. I have a majority of their catalog, but only this one on vinyl. But I did hear that they are re-issuing the catalog on vinyl, so I'm looking forward to that.

You ever hear of Matthew Ryan? Well if the answer is no, you really should. One of my all time favorite songwriters and through him, I started to really appreciate The Clash when he covered "Somebody Got Murdered" on his 2001 album Concussion. Go get that and everything else he has done. You will not be disappointed!

My favorite song off this album:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 88

Roy Clark- The Entertainer

The Rangers are down 0-2 in the World Series. So what are you gonna do? Well, if you're me, you'll put on a Roy Clark album!
Seriously though, I'm not ready to concede anything to the Giants just yet. They should win the next three at home and then split in San Fran and we are the champs! I know, I know, it's not looking good, but I'm being optimistic. I've been waiting 26 years for the Rangers to get here!

Ok, The Entertainer album. Not bad, but it's no Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark that's for sure. Sounds like a typical 1970's country record. And that's not a bad thing at all. He's singing on this record so it's completely different from last night. "Duelin' Banjos", "Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes", and "Chomp'N" are the three instrumentals on here. "Chomp'N" especially is a bad ass tune. Great play between Roy on guitar and whoever is on the keys. He does quite a few ballads on here too and if I had a beer and a broken heart, I'd be all over them. Check out album closer "It's All Over (All Over Again)" to see what I mean.

Here's a video of Roy owning the banjo:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 87

Roy Clark- The Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark

I first got this album about 10 years ago and after the first tune, "Twelfth Street Rag", I remember being like "Whoa! That's the Hee Haw dude!"

Roy Clark can flat out play. Although I grew up watching Hee Haw with my Dad, it's a shame that people know him more for that show than for the outstanding guitar player he is. I know that if I was around in 1962 and was hearing some guy playing all instrumentals as fast as he does, I would have gotten my ears blown off. I can't think of any other guitar player besides Dick Dale who was playing this fast back in the early 60's.
I'd even consider putting him on my Top 10 guitarists list that I did a couple of posts ago. I have never heard of him being an influential guitar player, but I wonder if that's because he was a country guy. Plus, you have to give him props for being a comedian to boot. Loved him on Hee Haw!

I can't find any videos for this album either. I guess You Tube wasn't around back in 1962. (I hope you realize that was a joke). But trust me, if you like the guitar pickin' go buy this record.
Here he is on the The Odd Couple doing a tune which clearly shows just how bad ass this guy is.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 86

ItalicPetula Clark- I Know A Place

What the hell do I know about Petula Clark? Not much other than "Downtown", which is not on this album. Hell, I was surprised she was still alive. Thought for sure she was a goner.

I got this in another one of those Half Price Books grab bags and even though those songs aren't on the album, I thought it was worth keeping for "Dancing In The Street" and "The 'In' Crowd".

Pretty quick album to get through even though it has 12 songs on it. The only song over 3 minutes is "Strangers and Lovers". But, she sure does have a purrty voice and the tunes are catchy. Might be fun to pull out now and then. I could see this being played at one of those Mad Men parties that seem to be all the rage now. Not knocking Mad Men, I love that show. But seriously people, do you really need to have a party and dress up like you are from the conservative, high society 1960's? Give me break. I bet if a show about true Norwegian black metal got popular you'd start having parties dressing up like that too.
So now I'm all aggro. Don't call me when you want to borrow this record for your Mad Men party. And no, I don't have any Darkthrone for you either.

Man, finding a video of her performing a song from this album is near impossible. So screw it, here she is doing "Downtown".

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 85

Eric Clapton- Backless

So let's play a game. Everyone knows that Eric Clapton is one of the greatest guitar players ever. How about naming your Top Ten of all time? Good way to get more comments too!

Here's mine. (And I'm doing this really quick)
1.Eddie Van Halen
2.Jimi Hendrix
3.Ritchie Blackmore
4.Jeff Beck
5.Eric Clapton
6.Bill Frisell
7.Jimmy Page
8.Leo Kottke
9.The Edge
10.David Gilmour

I'm sure I should have put more thought into the list, but those 10 popped in my head fairly quickly. I know I'm forgetting a lot of guitarists too.

As far as this album goes, I'm really digging it. Definitely want to go hunt down more Clapton records now. My friend Jerald recommended the Delaney & Bonnie & Friends record. We have pretty similar taste in music (non-metal) so I'll take his word for it. I always see his records in the used bins, but have yet to buy any others except these two. Especially his 80's stuff. That's really easy to find.

Well please do me a favor and list your Top 10 in the comments section. It'll be interesting to see others lists.

This song freaking rules:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 84

Eric Clapton- 461 Ocean Boulevard

Every now and then, someone will ask me about who I haven't seen in concert that I really want to. The top of my list is always Eric Clapton.

I'm no Clapton freak, by any means, but I have always thought that it would be cool to see him live. Especially now that he's past his collaborate with Babyface phase.

I only own two Clapton records as of right now, but I can't see any of them getting better than this one. The opening riff to "Motherless Children" is killer. Makes me want to go on a road trip. And the slide guitar throughout the album is impressive. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was Sonny Landreth.

So one question I have about this record is he really singing every tune? There are a couple of tunes like "Get Ready" and "Let it Grow" that sound nothing like him although the liner notes says it is him singing. I'm glad I got the copy with "Give Me Strength" on it too. I read that it later got pulled and replaced with a different tune.
Really the only song I don't like on this album is the big hit, "I Shot The Sheriff". It bugs me when big time artists record songs by other big time artists that recently had a hit with the same tune. Dude, just play it live if you like it so much. You don't need to record it to sell albums. You are ERIC CLAPTON after all!

I couldn't find any real videos for this album other than for "I Shot The Sheriff", so you'll have to settle for this instead:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 83

The Choirboys- Big Bad Noise

I have no recollection of how I got into this band back in the late 80's. Radio, MTV, I have no idea.
But that didn't stop me from buying this at Musicmania when I saw it and said "Oh cool, I always dug that song 'Run To Paradise'". And I do.

I'm pretty sure I had that song on a 45, but never owned the album. Hell, I didn't even know that these dudes were Australian until I just now read up on them. You know what? It just occurred to me that's how I probably got into them. Back in the late 80's, I went through an Australian bands are cool phase. I really started digging INXS, Midnight Oil, Icehouse, and The Church to name a few. So whenever I got into a foreign country's music scene, I'd start finding other bands from there. I still do that actually.

I'm trying to pinpoint who Mark Gable sounds like. Maybe you can help me out with that one. On "Run To Paradise" I was just telling Jessica that he sounds like Gary Louris from The Jayhawks. But you really don't hear that on any of the other tracks.

Overall I think this is a really good album. They are described as a "hard rock" band, but that's pretty misleading. They are just a really good rock n' roll band. Judge for yourself:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 82

Chicago- Chicago IX: Chicago's Greatest Hits

The Texas Rangers, the baseball team I've been a huge fan of since 1984, just won the American League pennant. And I'm celebrating by listening to Chicago's Greatest Hits? Man, I'm more dedicated to this blog than I thought.

My first real exposure to Chicago was with their Chicago 17 album. I was in 7th grade and had a huge crush on Amy Littlefield who was not giving me the time of day. I'd go home after school and play my 45 of "Hard Habit To Break" over and over again. Once "You're The Inspiration" came out as a single, I had to get the cassette. By 8th grade, Amy Littlefield moved around the same time I realized the Peter Cetera lead Chicago were a bunch of pansies. And Slayer ruled!

One song by them I always loved though was "25 Or 6 To 4". Still don't know what the hell that means though. Some of the other tunes on this album I knew, but never knew it was a Chicago song. Like "Saturday In The Park" I always thought that was a Little River Band. Don't they have a song about walking in a park? Guess I could go look at my Little River Band record and see.

I think having Greatest Hits compilations is all I need from Chicago. I might pick another one up if I find it for a buck or so.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 81

Cheap Trick- All Shook Up

Although I wish I had every Cheap Trick record on vinyl, I'm always glad when I get to the last of what I have of a band's catalog while doing this blog. After a few days of listening to the same band, it's always great to get to something different. I'm sure two plus weeks of nothing but Rush will be awesome though!

So this album seems to get a bad wrap, but I like it. Yeah it's different from their first four albums, but it's still pretty rockin'. Even a song like "High Priest of Rhythmic Noise" which I should hate just based on the title, is pretty good. Also kinda neat that it was produced by George Martin and there are nods to The Beatles throughout the album. Robin Zander even kind of sounds like John Lennon on "World's Greatest Lover".

I'd probably have to say my favorite tunes are "Go For The Throat" (which sounds more like classic Cheap Trick) and "Stop This Game". Speaking of which.........

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 80

Cheap Trick- Found All The Parts

I got it easy tonight by only having to listen to this EP. 4 songs, 2 live, 2 in studio.

It's alright. I like their version of "Day Tripper". I've always thought it was cool how they pay homage to The Beatles. I'd love to go to Vegas and see their Sgt. Pepper's show they do at the Vegas Hilton.
The other song on Side One, "Can't Hold On" is pretty boring. It's a live track. I imagine that was a good time to go grab a beer or take a whiz.

Side 2 is about the same. Good tune with "Such A Good Girl", but then the second track "Take Me I'm Yours" sounds like it should have stayed in the vaults. I heard they cut a bunch of studio tracks for this EP, but they remain unreleased. Surely there had to be something better than this last song.

Instead of posting another Cheap Trick video, I'm posting a video of The Octopus Project's promotional video starring my friend's girlfriend's daughter. It's pretty cute.

Hexadecagon Zoetrope Instructional Video from The Octopus Project on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 79

Cheap Trick- Dream Police

What a great day. The Rangers destroy the Yankees to go up 3-1 in the ALCS and my best friends adopted daughter was born today.
Welcome to the world, Louise May Anderson.!
May your parents raise you on vinyl. I guess I need to start looking for kids records now to give to my new niece.

So the only reason I don't have every Cheap Trick album released on vinyl, is because everytime I'm shopping in the stores, my mind goes blank and I can't remember what I have and what I don't. I have 4 on wax, and a few on my Itunes. For some reason, this happens more to Cheap Trick than any other band. Now that I have a new fancy phone, (Droid X- highly recommended) I need to put notes on there to keep track.
At least I have In Color and this one. I'll keep it a surprise over the next two days as to what other Trick albums I have.
I do like In Color more than this one, it's just not as "rockin'". It does have great moments like the title track, "Way Of The World", and "I Know What I Want". But then there is "Gonna Raise Hell" which is a little too long and "Voices" which just doesn't do anything for me.
By the way, has anyone seen Cheap Trick lately? I saw them back in March and they still rule. I have no idea how old Robin Zander is nowadays, but dude is still looking great. Go check 'em out!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 78

Cheap Trick- In Color

Is there a better way to start out an album with a song like "Hello There" that let's you know this album has come to kick your ass? I think not.
Or, is there a better American rock n' roll album than this? If somebody were to ask me for my definition of what true rock n' roll is, I'd tell them to listen to this album.

Now I know saying something like that is always up for debate, but seriously, go back and listen to this album and I dare you to say it can't be a contender for the title.

Obviously I really dig this album, and I dig the band just as much. How can anyone in their right rock n' roll minds not like Cheap Trick? Just look at this album cover. Robin Zander and Tom Petersson are the epitome of cool. And then you look at the back cover and there is Bun E. Carlos and Rick Neilsen, a couple of dorks, which makes them awesome.

How do you know for a fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a sham? Well, for one, they spell out "and" and two, Cheap Trick isn't in it. Ri-dic-u-lous.

One of my all time favorite songs period:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 77

Tracy Chapman- Tracy Chapman

I'm ready to get grief for owning this one, but I don't care. I own this because of "Fast Car".

By no means do I think this is a fantastic album, but I have always loved the song "Fast Car". That is just a great, great song. Definitely one of the best of the 80's. I even had it on cassingle back in the day. There was a format that really took off!
"Baby Can I Hold You?" is real nice song too.

But past this album, I really can't defend her. There was nothing else that I took a liking too and "Give Me One Reason" was 1995's "Hey, Soul Sister". Oy, I hated that song so much.

And I will say that Side 2 is nowhere as strong as the first side. 6 songs of album filler. Well, "If Not Now..." isn't bad, but that's about it.

Of course I'm putting up a video of "Fast Car".

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 76

Harry Chapin- Verities & Balderdash

Three questions I was wondering to myself about Harry Chapin before I started writing this was 1) Is he Mary Chapin Carpenter's father? 2) is this a greatest hits album? And 3) Is he still alive?

That's how little I know about Harry Chapin.

This is another album I got out of a Half Price grab bag and kept it for "Cats In The Cradle". I always thought that song ruled. Younger Bobby thought that that was a Cat Stevens song. Those two are a bit similar though eh?

Now that I've researched Harry Chapin while listening to this record, I can tell you that 1) No he's not. 2) No, it's not. And 3) No, he's not. He died in a car accident in 1981 at only 38.

So I'm hearing some really good tunes on this album. Besides, "Cats in the Cradle", I really dug "I Wanna Learn A Love Song". Which makes me wonder: since he's dead and all and has a pretty big catalog, why hasn't he gotten similar treatment like Nick Drake has? I can easily hear some of these tunes on a soundtrack or a commercial. Maybe he has and I just haven't been paying attention or thought it was Cat Stevens. Ha!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 75

The Cave Singers- Welcome Joy

I think you can tell by now, that I prefer music from the 70's and 80's more than I do for current artists or bands. Personally, I think there have only been a handful of bands that have come around in the past 5 or 6 years that are worth a shit. The Cave Singers just might top that list. It had been years since I had heard an album that just knocked me on my ass like this one did.

I remember perking up when I first put this on and heard the opening riff to opening cut, "Summer Light". Then next thing you know, this amazing voice is singing back to me out from the speakers. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. A new band that was just killing it? Impossible!

I kept listening and kept getting exciting about what I was hearing. And then Side 1 closer "Men of the Woods" comes on and I had declared The Cave Singers my new favorite band. Ok, surely this album will peter out right? Nope. Second half of the album was still slapping me in my face with it's awesomeness. I originally got this as a promo cd and played it three times that night. It has never left my cd player in my car since then. And it never will since my cd player broke and its stuck in there. Ha!

Funny thing that they have a debut album that I've never heard. I want to buy it, but then what if I'm let down? Silly right? Of course it has to be good.

I used to always make Top 10 albums for each year, but have gotten away from it after being disappointed in music in general the last few years. But if I had made one for 2009, this easily would have been on top. Hell, it'd definitely be in the Top 10 for my decade.

If my blog has ever influenced you to check out an album, I hope you'll consider this one. It has helped me realize that there is still good music being created by new bands.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 74

The Cars- Heartbeat City

This was one of the first records I ever bought back in 1984. Like every other 11 year old, I thought the video for "You Might Think" was awesome. My knowledge of The Cars back then was pretty limited, so I thought this album ruled. Well, now that I'm 37 and think I know a little bit more about music, I know that's not really the case.
It's ok, but even after awhile as a kid, I got really sick of seeing the videos for "Magic" and "Drive". They were on non-stop on MTV. Plus, by 1985, I was really getting into metal.
Anyways, what I was getting at is I'm still sick of hearing the hits off this record and it's been years since I've heard them. The final song on the album, "Heartbeat City" is winding down, and after another listen, I'll have to say that's my favorite tune on the album.
One of the cool things I like about doing this blog is how in just a few days, I can really hear how a band has evolved from album to album. Even though I don't have the first one (on vinyl), it's a no brainer that that's their best album. I'll have to go with Shake It Up as #2. I plan on finding both of them at the Austin Record Convention this weekend. You going? You really should.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 73

The Cars- Panorama

The Cars album I probably know the least. Well, I guess I don't really remember their last album, Door to Door either. Everything I've read about this album labels it as "dark", and compared to the first two albums, I can see why. Not much of the cheery Cars tunes that you are used to listening too. I assume that's why I don't really know this album all that well. Even the single "Touch and Go" isn't really ringing any bells. Which is weird since it's on two different Cars Greatest Hits cd's I've had before, but still nothing.

It's hard for me to talk much about this listening experience since I really have nothing to draw from. It really does feel like this is the first time I'm hearing it, but I'm pretty sure that can't be true. Decent album, not knocking it at all. Just think I prefer the two before and the one after.

Do you all remember this song? Maybe I'm just getting old:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 72

The Cars- Candy-O

First off, let me state that I've been a fan of the Texas Rangers since 1984 and I am so stoked that they beat the Rays tonight for their first ever postseason series win! Man, it feels good! And it's only going to feel better when they beat up on the Yankees!

I'm bummed that I don't have the first Cars album on vinyl, but Candy-O is a good record too. It's definitely nowhere near as great as the first one though. Eventually, I'll have the whole Cars catalog on vinyl.
"Let's Go" is one of my favorite Cars tunes and a great song to put on after you are feeling celebratory like I am tonight. I also really dig "It's All I Can Do" and "Double Life". There's some other stuff on here that I'm not so crazy about like ""Night Spots", but I appreciate the album overall. Any fan of "New Wave" should probably own this record.
Ok, I'm going to finish listening to this record and read up more on the Rangers win tonight. Bring on the Yankees!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 71

Carpenters- The Singles 1969-1973

I'm sure I'll get some flak for having this one too, but dude, how can you hate on the Carpenters? I mean, I don't need to go out and get their whole catalog, but every tune on here is a great song. And I bet there are quite a few Carpenters tune where the 35 and under crowd would say, "oh I didn't know they did that".

Just think about how many commercials, TV shows, movies or karaoke bars, where you have heard such gems like "We've Only Just Begun", "Top of the World", and "(They Long To Be) Close to You". Yeah, sure they weren't written by the Carpenters, but they sure as hell made them famous. Hell, even Sonic Youth covered "Superstar" on the Carpenters tribute album If I Were A Carpenter.

I'm glad to own this album and I'd like to pick up their other Singles albums as well. It's ok everybody. Admit that you like the Carpenters.

Long Live Karen Carpenter!!!

Here's a video of "Rainy Days and Mondays" since it's my favorite Carpenters tune.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 70

Califone- All My Friends Are Funeral Singers

I freaking love Califone! They were the best band I saw at this year's SXSW. You've never heard of them? Well do yourself a favor and go find out! Great band out of Chicago. I'm not really sure what you'd classify them as. Indie, experimental, whatever. You hear some blues, you hear some folk, you hear some rock, it's all great stuff. A bonus when you buy the lp, is you get the Side 4 long "Lunar H". Take that, CD!

I still haven't seen the movie of the same name that this album is a musical companion to and directed by Califone frontman, Tim Rutili. I'm lame for not having seen it yet since it's on Netflix, but I'll definitely get to it. It looks interesting.

Here's a video of the trailer of the movie and another for the "Funeral Singers" video

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 69

Soundtrack- Bye Bye Birdie

I actually got this record as a joke. Jessica and I are huge Mad Men fans and I found this for dirt cheap shortly after we saw the episode where Bye Bye Birdie was a central them to one episode. We were singing "Bye Bye Birdie" for days after, so I had to get it.

It's not a bad soundtrack at all, but not something I'll play a lot. And I've never seen the movie. I hate musicals. But, I will keep it though. You never know when myself or Jessica might have the hankering to hear "Bye Bye Birdie" or "Put On A Happy Face". Which reminds me, is this the first recording of this song? I had no idea Dick Van Dyke did it.

Well that's it for the letter B. Some notable bands/artists that are missing from my collection in the letter B are: The Beach Boys, Beta Band, The Byrds, Chet Baker, James Brown, Blue Cheer, Built To Spill, Broken Social Scene, and David Baerwald to name a few. Help me out with who I'm forgetting. I also plan on completing existing collections before I make the turn as well.

Day 68

Bulletboys- Bulletboys

Man, am I tired. Just finished a shift at Waterloo, so it's been a 15 hour day for me. But the blog must go on!

I know some of you think it's lame that I own this record, but I dig this band. Always thought they were underrated. I think they had the misfortune of catching on at the tail end of the "hair" metal days. Had this album come out in '84 or '85 instead of '88, I think they would have been a lot bigger. Marq Torien could have been the next David Lee Roth. Dude had all the moves and a great rock n' roll voice.
They weren't up there with the Ratt's and Motley's of the era, but they were far better than Warrant (who I always hated) and hell, even Poison (liked the first album) in my book. Another thing, how can you not love this album cover?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 67

Buffalo Springfield- Retrospective: The Best of Buffalo Springfield

I'm not sure how I feel about this album. I listened to Side 1 before going out tonight and I was really digging it. But then after coming home, I put on Side 2, and not so much. I found every song pretty boring. Maybe I'm just not in the mood right now to listen. The allergies might have something to do with it.

Obviously this is a band I've always known about and of course have heard "For What It's Worth" a million times, but other than that, I didn't know much Buffalo Springfield. I've been working in and out of record stores since 1991, and I can't recall any of their albums being played on the stereo in the store once. And I know it's not because they suck, just weird. We really played everything.

In my 20's when I started to broaden my horizons and started getting into more stuff like Neil Young, these guys were on my list of albums to get, but it always fell through the cracks. So now at 37, I'm really hearing Buffalo Springfield for the first time. Am I supposed to like it just because Neil and Stephen Stills were in the band? Are there studio albums better? I do love deep tracks. You tell me. Am I wrong in thinking this "Best Of" album is just ok, or should I give it another spin?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 66

The Buck Pets- The Buck Pets

I think it's pretty awesome to be able to break up the Jackson Browne monotony with my favorite band to ever come out of Dallas, The Buck Pets. Even though these guys were local, seeing them live when I was 16 or 17 was the same as any other big time national band that came through town. And I got to see them in a club! They just had that "it" factor on stage. My Dallas friends know what I'm talking about.

Finding this album in a used bin was like striking gold for me. I can't remember where I found it. Might have been Breakaway. I really don't think I had ever been so excited about finding a record. Only thing that might top it is if I find Mercurotones, their follow up.

Funny thing is, I've started to see this album pop up more and more around town since then. Usually for about $10. I highly recommend picking it up.
If they didn't get screwed by record company takeovers, I really think they could have been huge. At least that's what the 16 year old in me still thinks. They did reunite for a gig at Trees earlier this year. I really hope it leads to more gigs and at least one trip down to Austin. I'll be there for sure.

Here's a video I found on youtube of them doing "Song for Louise Post" at Trees in 1991. I'm pretty sure I was at this show.

Day 65

Jackson Browne- Lives In The Balance

I did it! Jackson Browne Week is over!

The best way to describe these past 8 days is if you were reading a book that started out great, got even meatier in the middle and then went out with such a whimper, you swore you'd never read that author again. Well maybe that last part isn't true for Jackson. Like I said before, I do really like his 1993 album I'm Alive and I'm really tempted to buy his last studio record, Time The Conqueror. But not anytime soon. Me and Jackson Browne need to spend some time apart to make this relationship last.

This record.....oy. I just can't describe how bad it is. There was not one single good song on it. The entire album sounds like he was hanging out with Don Johnson the whole time. Very Miami Vice-y. I don't even want to look at the liner notes because I'm afraid I'm going to see Don Johnson's name in there.

And I'm not that much of a fan of the Protest Rock. Music is where I want to escape from what's going on in the world, not have a singer's political stances ringing in my ears. Don't get me wrong, there are some great protest rockers and songs, but if this is Jackson Browne's best effort at it, he's stuck in the minors.

Fortunately, the last two albums haven't made me change my opinion on Jackson. Dude just made a couple of bonehead moves in the 80's is all. I really hope that he makes it back to Austin. I'll definitely be excited to sing along with all the songs. Unless he plays "Disco Apocalypse".

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 64

Jackson Browne- Lawyers In Love

I knew it was going to happen, but I was hoping I'd be wrong. But nope, this album is crap. Did you ever see that movie Gung Ho with Michael Keaton? Good movie, but it had this really bad song in the movie called "Working Class Man" that was your typical 80's tough guy song with synthesizers. Sorry, that shit doesn't work. Well, that song could easily have been on this album.

I'm listening to this album imagining that I'm 25 or so in 1983 and a big Jackson Browne fan and I hear the single "Tender Is The Night" for the first time on the radio. Then I'm thinking, "awesome, a new cool song by Jackson Browne." So, I then go out and buy the album the first day it comes out and I'm excited to get home and listen to it because this is Jackson Browne and he has never put out a really bad album. From the end of the first song, the only thing I'm thinking is "What the....? I want my money back!"

Surely that had to happen right? I mean just look at his album sales in the 80's. Oh man, if this album is this bad, I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow's listen. I'm going to have to keep myself preoccupied with a magazine or something while it's on.

The one good thing I will say about this album: It's only 8 songs. Thanks Jackson for sparing us with a full ten songs. Whew!

Here's that Jimmy Barnes video for "Working Class Man" since I just mentioned it and I want to put 80's Jackson Browne out of my mind.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 63

Jackson Browne- Hold Out

This album has a split personality. Side 1 sounds like it was made for radio, and Side 2 sounds like vintage Jackson Browne. I prefer Side 2.
Don't get me wrong, I've always loved "Boulevard", but "Disco Apocalypse"? Ouch, Jackson. Ouch.

That's really the only bad song on here though. I really dug, "Call It A Loan" and "Hold On, Hold Out". Well that is until he starts sing-talking towards the end. Then it just got super cheesy.

Now to see if people are really reading these entries. I want to get more followers. Currently I only have 7 (thanks 7!) but I'm greedy and want more. So how do I entice you to follow me? Giveaways!!!

From here on out, for those that sign up to follow my blog, I'll give one lucky winner each month one of my 7 inchers. (Sorry original 7!) I'll post on here who the winner is and then I'll email you a list of what I'm willing to part with. Sound good? Ok, let's see if this works!

Oh, and I changed my domain name. Now it's just

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 62

Jackson Browne- Running On Empty

I'm going to keep this post brief. Mainly because I'm running out of nice things to say about Jackson Browne.

But I do really like this album too. I thought it was really cool that it was recorded live in concert or in hotel rooms, buses, or backstage. I didn't realize that "Running On Empty" was never recorded in studio. I suppose all the years growing up and hearing it on the radio, they edited out the applause at the beginning and end.
That's definitely a great tune, but my favorite song on the album is "The Load-Out". Great ode to the roadies out on tour.

Well that's it for Jackson Browne in the 70's. Five down and three to go. Here's a video of "The Load-Out".

Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 61

Jackson Browne- The Pretender

Well, I went and found this record today. If I didn't get it today it was going to get skipped and since I'm in the middle of this Jackson Browne kick, I was curious to see how it sounded since it was produced by Jon Landau. I picked it up at Breakaway Records almost new like for only $3. I really dig that store. Not just for the prices and selection, but Gabe did a great job of it just being a cool place to hang out.
First cool thing I noticed about this record is that it's the first of his albums to include lyrics. It struck me as odd that the first three didn't since he's known as, and is a great songwriter. It's pretty nice to read the lyrics along with the song.

A memory just popped in my head. Throughout the 90's, I managed a crappy record store and ended up with a nice CD collection of about 3000. But, I'm pretty sure the only Jackson Browne album I had back then was a promo copy I got of his in '93 for I'm Alive.
That was a good album. Wonder if it was ever pressed on vinyl. It's strange to me that I could have a CD collection that large and not have any of his material other than that one. I always dug his hits, so not sure how that happened. But that's another thing that makes doing this really fun for me. In the course of 4 days, I've become a real fan of his. He's 4 for 4 so far in my book.

Oh, and if you are wondering if I still have 3000 CD's, the answer is no. I have maybe 50 or so now. I lost my job at the crappy record store in 2002 and moved to New Jersey for a brief spell. No way was I going to bring that many CD's with me so I sold the majority of them. Just me, my dog, and a suitcase of clothes. Plus, I needed the cash. I was seriously broke.

On another note, I should mention that this blog just got some press! I am mentioned in Austin Powell's column in this week's Austin Chronicle. Here's the link to check it out if you haven't already: Off the Record.
Mine is the last paragraph. My blog is also going to be linked to the Chronicle website eventually. Think they are just figuring out the best of how to go about it. By the way, I do work there in case you didn't know that already, so I'm not that cool for getting my name in the paper. But I do appreciate Austin mentioning it. And I appreciate all of you who have given me words of encouragement on doing this blog. It means a lot and it keeps me motivated to keep on keepin' on. And I have a looooong way to go!

Here's a cool video of Jackson and band doing "The Pretender" in 1976.