Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 63

Jackson Browne- Hold Out

This album has a split personality. Side 1 sounds like it was made for radio, and Side 2 sounds like vintage Jackson Browne. I prefer Side 2.
Don't get me wrong, I've always loved "Boulevard", but "Disco Apocalypse"? Ouch, Jackson. Ouch.

That's really the only bad song on here though. I really dug, "Call It A Loan" and "Hold On, Hold Out". Well that is until he starts sing-talking towards the end. Then it just got super cheesy.

Now to see if people are really reading these entries. I want to get more followers. Currently I only have 7 (thanks 7!) but I'm greedy and want more. So how do I entice you to follow me? Giveaways!!!

From here on out, for those that sign up to follow my blog, I'll give one lucky winner each month one of my 7 inchers. (Sorry original 7!) I'll post on here who the winner is and then I'll email you a list of what I'm willing to part with. Sound good? Ok, let's see if this works!

Oh, and I changed my domain name. Now it's just

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