Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 64

Jackson Browne- Lawyers In Love

I knew it was going to happen, but I was hoping I'd be wrong. But nope, this album is crap. Did you ever see that movie Gung Ho with Michael Keaton? Good movie, but it had this really bad song in the movie called "Working Class Man" that was your typical 80's tough guy song with synthesizers. Sorry, that shit doesn't work. Well, that song could easily have been on this album.

I'm listening to this album imagining that I'm 25 or so in 1983 and a big Jackson Browne fan and I hear the single "Tender Is The Night" for the first time on the radio. Then I'm thinking, "awesome, a new cool song by Jackson Browne." So, I then go out and buy the album the first day it comes out and I'm excited to get home and listen to it because this is Jackson Browne and he has never put out a really bad album. From the end of the first song, the only thing I'm thinking is "What the....? I want my money back!"

Surely that had to happen right? I mean just look at his album sales in the 80's. Oh man, if this album is this bad, I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow's listen. I'm going to have to keep myself preoccupied with a magazine or something while it's on.

The one good thing I will say about this album: It's only 8 songs. Thanks Jackson for sparing us with a full ten songs. Whew!

Here's that Jimmy Barnes video for "Working Class Man" since I just mentioned it and I want to put 80's Jackson Browne out of my mind.

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