Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 66

The Buck Pets- The Buck Pets

I think it's pretty awesome to be able to break up the Jackson Browne monotony with my favorite band to ever come out of Dallas, The Buck Pets. Even though these guys were local, seeing them live when I was 16 or 17 was the same as any other big time national band that came through town. And I got to see them in a club! They just had that "it" factor on stage. My Dallas friends know what I'm talking about.

Finding this album in a used bin was like striking gold for me. I can't remember where I found it. Might have been Breakaway. I really don't think I had ever been so excited about finding a record. Only thing that might top it is if I find Mercurotones, their follow up.

Funny thing is, I've started to see this album pop up more and more around town since then. Usually for about $10. I highly recommend picking it up.
If they didn't get screwed by record company takeovers, I really think they could have been huge. At least that's what the 16 year old in me still thinks. They did reunite for a gig at Trees earlier this year. I really hope it leads to more gigs and at least one trip down to Austin. I'll be there for sure.

Here's a video I found on youtube of them doing "Song for Louise Post" at Trees in 1991. I'm pretty sure I was at this show.

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