Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 68

Bulletboys- Bulletboys

Man, am I tired. Just finished a shift at Waterloo, so it's been a 15 hour day for me. But the blog must go on!

I know some of you think it's lame that I own this record, but I dig this band. Always thought they were underrated. I think they had the misfortune of catching on at the tail end of the "hair" metal days. Had this album come out in '84 or '85 instead of '88, I think they would have been a lot bigger. Marq Torien could have been the next David Lee Roth. Dude had all the moves and a great rock n' roll voice.
They weren't up there with the Ratt's and Motley's of the era, but they were far better than Warrant (who I always hated) and hell, even Poison (liked the first album) in my book. Another thing, how can you not love this album cover?

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