Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 75

The Cave Singers- Welcome Joy

I think you can tell by now, that I prefer music from the 70's and 80's more than I do for current artists or bands. Personally, I think there have only been a handful of bands that have come around in the past 5 or 6 years that are worth a shit. The Cave Singers just might top that list. It had been years since I had heard an album that just knocked me on my ass like this one did.

I remember perking up when I first put this on and heard the opening riff to opening cut, "Summer Light". Then next thing you know, this amazing voice is singing back to me out from the speakers. I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. A new band that was just killing it? Impossible!

I kept listening and kept getting exciting about what I was hearing. And then Side 1 closer "Men of the Woods" comes on and I had declared The Cave Singers my new favorite band. Ok, surely this album will peter out right? Nope. Second half of the album was still slapping me in my face with it's awesomeness. I originally got this as a promo cd and played it three times that night. It has never left my cd player in my car since then. And it never will since my cd player broke and its stuck in there. Ha!

Funny thing that they have a debut album that I've never heard. I want to buy it, but then what if I'm let down? Silly right? Of course it has to be good.

I used to always make Top 10 albums for each year, but have gotten away from it after being disappointed in music in general the last few years. But if I had made one for 2009, this easily would have been on top. Hell, it'd definitely be in the Top 10 for my decade.

If my blog has ever influenced you to check out an album, I hope you'll consider this one. It has helped me realize that there is still good music being created by new bands.

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