Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 80

Cheap Trick- Found All The Parts

I got it easy tonight by only having to listen to this EP. 4 songs, 2 live, 2 in studio.

It's alright. I like their version of "Day Tripper". I've always thought it was cool how they pay homage to The Beatles. I'd love to go to Vegas and see their Sgt. Pepper's show they do at the Vegas Hilton.
The other song on Side One, "Can't Hold On" is pretty boring. It's a live track. I imagine that was a good time to go grab a beer or take a whiz.

Side 2 is about the same. Good tune with "Such A Good Girl", but then the second track "Take Me I'm Yours" sounds like it should have stayed in the vaults. I heard they cut a bunch of studio tracks for this EP, but they remain unreleased. Surely there had to be something better than this last song.

Instead of posting another Cheap Trick video, I'm posting a video of The Octopus Project's promotional video starring my friend's girlfriend's daughter. It's pretty cute.

Hexadecagon Zoetrope Instructional Video from The Octopus Project on Vimeo.

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