Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 82

Chicago- Chicago IX: Chicago's Greatest Hits

The Texas Rangers, the baseball team I've been a huge fan of since 1984, just won the American League pennant. And I'm celebrating by listening to Chicago's Greatest Hits? Man, I'm more dedicated to this blog than I thought.

My first real exposure to Chicago was with their Chicago 17 album. I was in 7th grade and had a huge crush on Amy Littlefield who was not giving me the time of day. I'd go home after school and play my 45 of "Hard Habit To Break" over and over again. Once "You're The Inspiration" came out as a single, I had to get the cassette. By 8th grade, Amy Littlefield moved around the same time I realized the Peter Cetera lead Chicago were a bunch of pansies. And Slayer ruled!

One song by them I always loved though was "25 Or 6 To 4". Still don't know what the hell that means though. Some of the other tunes on this album I knew, but never knew it was a Chicago song. Like "Saturday In The Park" I always thought that was a Little River Band. Don't they have a song about walking in a park? Guess I could go look at my Little River Band record and see.

I think having Greatest Hits compilations is all I need from Chicago. I might pick another one up if I find it for a buck or so.

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  1. The Little River band song you're thinking of is "Reminiscing", I think.
    "Saturday in the Park" is one of those songs that would come on the oldies channel and I never even thought about who actually did it. And then when I finally heard it was Chicago I pretty much said, "yeah, I can hear that" but didn't care any more about it.
    If I'm going for 70s soft rock jazz fusion, I'll take Blood Sweat and Tears!