Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 85

Eric Clapton- Backless

So let's play a game. Everyone knows that Eric Clapton is one of the greatest guitar players ever. How about naming your Top Ten of all time? Good way to get more comments too!

Here's mine. (And I'm doing this really quick)
1.Eddie Van Halen
2.Jimi Hendrix
3.Ritchie Blackmore
4.Jeff Beck
5.Eric Clapton
6.Bill Frisell
7.Jimmy Page
8.Leo Kottke
9.The Edge
10.David Gilmour

I'm sure I should have put more thought into the list, but those 10 popped in my head fairly quickly. I know I'm forgetting a lot of guitarists too.

As far as this album goes, I'm really digging it. Definitely want to go hunt down more Clapton records now. My friend Jerald recommended the Delaney & Bonnie & Friends record. We have pretty similar taste in music (non-metal) so I'll take his word for it. I always see his records in the used bins, but have yet to buy any others except these two. Especially his 80's stuff. That's really easy to find.

Well please do me a favor and list your Top 10 in the comments section. It'll be interesting to see others lists.

This song freaking rules:


  1. Hmmm...1. Blackmore 2. Greg Ginn 3. Iommi 4. Page 5. Van Halen 6. Dimebag 7. Fripp 8. Angus 9. man this is tough....I might get shit for this but Thayil. I can't think of a 10 at this time....

  2. Naming ten but not in any order: 1. Johnny Marr 2. Eddie Van Halen 3. Jimi Hendrix 4. Chet Atkins 5. Jeff Beck 6. Django Reinhardt 7. Peter Buck 8. Jimmy Page 9. David Gilmour 10. Nigel Tufnel (his work on the album 'Shark Sandwich' was amazing).

  3. 1) George Benson 2) Bill Frisell 3) Les Paul 4) John Pizarelli 5)Robert Johnson 6) Johnny Marr 7) Carlos Santana 8) Joni Mitchell 9) BB King 10) Django Reinhardt

  4. that's a tough one, not really a guitar hero guy, but here's what I think right now:
    1) Hendrix 2)Van Halen 3)Clapton 4)Clarence White 5)Duane Allman 6)Albert Lee 7)James Burton 8)JJ Cale 9)Steve Cropper 10)Robbie Robertson

  5. Not necessarily the best or most skilled, but the 10 that come to mind:

    Jimi Hendrix
    David Gilmour
    Bob Mould
    Stanley Jordan
    Tony Iommi
    Alex Lifeson
    John McLaughlin
    Charlie Hunter
    Joey Santiago
    Lee Ranaldo