Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 86

ItalicPetula Clark- I Know A Place

What the hell do I know about Petula Clark? Not much other than "Downtown", which is not on this album. Hell, I was surprised she was still alive. Thought for sure she was a goner.

I got this in another one of those Half Price Books grab bags and even though those songs aren't on the album, I thought it was worth keeping for "Dancing In The Street" and "The 'In' Crowd".

Pretty quick album to get through even though it has 12 songs on it. The only song over 3 minutes is "Strangers and Lovers". But, she sure does have a purrty voice and the tunes are catchy. Might be fun to pull out now and then. I could see this being played at one of those Mad Men parties that seem to be all the rage now. Not knocking Mad Men, I love that show. But seriously people, do you really need to have a party and dress up like you are from the conservative, high society 1960's? Give me break. I bet if a show about true Norwegian black metal got popular you'd start having parties dressing up like that too.
So now I'm all aggro. Don't call me when you want to borrow this record for your Mad Men party. And no, I don't have any Darkthrone for you either.

Man, finding a video of her performing a song from this album is near impossible. So screw it, here she is doing "Downtown".

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