Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 87

Roy Clark- The Lightning Fingers of Roy Clark

I first got this album about 10 years ago and after the first tune, "Twelfth Street Rag", I remember being like "Whoa! That's the Hee Haw dude!"

Roy Clark can flat out play. Although I grew up watching Hee Haw with my Dad, it's a shame that people know him more for that show than for the outstanding guitar player he is. I know that if I was around in 1962 and was hearing some guy playing all instrumentals as fast as he does, I would have gotten my ears blown off. I can't think of any other guitar player besides Dick Dale who was playing this fast back in the early 60's.
I'd even consider putting him on my Top 10 guitarists list that I did a couple of posts ago. I have never heard of him being an influential guitar player, but I wonder if that's because he was a country guy. Plus, you have to give him props for being a comedian to boot. Loved him on Hee Haw!

I can't find any videos for this album either. I guess You Tube wasn't around back in 1962. (I hope you realize that was a joke). But trust me, if you like the guitar pickin' go buy this record.
Here he is on the The Odd Couple doing a tune which clearly shows just how bad ass this guy is.

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