Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 91

Bruce Cockburn- Stealing Fire

Today while Jessica and I were driving in my car, I started singing Cockburn's "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" and Jessica asks, "Why are you singing a Barenaked Ladies song?" Ha!
I had no idea that the Barenaked Ladies covered this song and I'm sure she has no idea who Bruce Cockburn is. Man, she cracks me up!

I first got into Cockburn about 10 years ago when Universal reissued a bunch of his back catalog on CD and I got the promos. This album was the first one I listened to and was hooked. I started buying up Cockburn albums left and right, but I only have this on vinyl :(. The dude is totally underrated. Maybe because he's from Canada. Seems to happen a lot with the Canadians in the States. And I love Canadian music for the most part. Rush, Triumph, Blue Rodeo, Luke Doucet, Tragically Hip, Neil, Robbie Robertson, to name a few. Hell, I even still dig Saga!

It's always surprised me though when I see Blue Rodeo or Luke Doucet down here in Austin. They play in small clubs and I always assume that most of the people there are from Canada. I don't get it, especially in a town that loves Americana. Canadians do it better than we do! I haven't had a chance to see Bruce Cockburn live though. I'm sure it would be the same situation. I hope I still get the chance though. He'd be perfect for the One World Theatre.

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  1. Yeah, I'm glad we got that cleared up otherwise I'd still be thinking you like Barenaked Ladies. No shame in that though, I like them and I'm not afraid to tell the world.