Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 101

Creedence Clearwater Revival- Pendulum

Don't you hate it when the song titles on the album sleeve don't match with how they are on the record? That's always bugged me and I don't understand why that happens. It's like they are screwing with the listener's head. Obviously this album is like that, but fortunately I'm pretty familiar with this album and don't have that problem.

Pendulum has my all time favorite CCR song on it, "Hey Tonight". I can listen to that song anytime. To me, the song is a perfect rock n' roll song. That's not a word I attach to a song very often, but there are a few others that I can think of. Just ask if you are curious.

I'm pretty bummed that this is my last CCR album. Beyond me why I don't have their whole catalog, but yet I have 8 Jackson Browne records. Gotta get my priorities straight when it comes to record shopping!
That's another thing I love about doing this blog. I haven't listened to Creedence in quite some time, but now I'm all into them again.

Here's a youtube clip for "Hey Tonight".

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