Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 102

Marshall Crenshaw- Marshall Crenshaw

Another underrated songwriter that I will never understand why he didn't make it big. This album is just full of great pop songs. I'm sure "Someday, Someway" is a song that most people know, but don't know who did it or what the name of the song is, but know it as soon as they hear it. It surprises me that it was never covered. If you are unfamiliar with Crenshaw, think Alex Chilton and Tommy Keene. He's right along those lines with writing great power pop songs.

I admit that I was late myself getting into Marshall Crenshaw. I got a promo copy of his The Best of Marshall Crenshaw: This Is Easy album that came in 2000 and I was immediately hooked. That album was full of killer tunes that are on this album along with the next two that I have of his.

One of the things I love about this album that came out in 1982, is that it doesn't sound dated. No use of synthesizers or any of that crap. Just guitar, bass, and drums. Every song on here is really good. No fillers at all in my book. Besides "Someday, Someway", I really dig "Rockin' Around In NYC" and "Cynical Girl".

I hope he still gets out and tours. I'd love to see him live and I don't think he's been around Austin since I got into him 10 years ago.

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