Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 103

Marshall Crenshaw- Field Day

I got two great records at Backspin today that I'm looking forward to listening to after this. Bob Mould's Workbook and Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada by Godspeed You Black Emperor! I haven't been into Backspin in a really long time and was pretty excited about their selection. I look forward to going back without Jessica so that I can have more time to hunt. Fifteen minutes just isn't enough time!

Listening to another great album by Marshall Crenshaw. Please give this guy a listen if you aren't familiar with him. This album is even peppier than his first one and I dig every tune on it. My favorites are "Whenever You're On My Mind", which I think was the single, "For Her Love", and "Monday Morning Rock". I know, silly song title, but great tune. Alright, leaving this one short tonight. It's hard to praise a guy two nights in a row and I still have to save some of it for tomorrow night's album.


  1. Hi there! I saw Marshall on Friday evening, the day you listened to Field Day. He played an excellent show. You can read about it at my blog, which is I'm also doing a project similar to yours at my other blog, which is at

  2. Hey, great blogs! Thanks for sharing. I hope Marshall can make it down this way. Sounds like a wonderful show!