Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 104

Marshall Crenshaw- Downtown

It's nice to wake up on Saturday morning and get my daily blog post out of the way before I get out to enjoy the day. And today is going to be a busy one. Besides doing some shopping, Jessica and I are going to the Austin Comic Con today. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm not that big a comic book geek, although I do love Judge Dredd, but it will be a great spot for people watching. Then tonight, I'm heading to the UT football game with my buddy, Eric.

I won't say this album is as great as his first two, but I do like it. Where as I enjoyed every song before, he does have some duds on this one. Side 2 is pretty flawless, but there were a couple of throwaways on the first side. Favorite tracks are "(We're Gonna) Shake Up Their Minds", "Lesson Number One", and "Little Wild One (No. 5)".

I'd still recommend picking it up. I'm sure you can find this for a buck or two. I'm certain that's all I paid for it. Ok, off to enjoy my Saturday. You do the same!

Sad that this video has only been viewed 298 times on youtube.

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