Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 105

Jim Croce- Photographs & Memories: His Greatest Hits

Man, what a storyteller. Like Harry Chapin, it's really a shame he died so young.

It's always odd to me how hearing a song that you haven't heard in a long time can make you think of a memory that really doesn't seem that important. That happened to me when "Operator" came on. I immediately thought back to one of the times I used to drive from Richardson (where I grew up) to Carswell Air Force Base in Ft. Worth with my parents to go grocery shopping. We used to do that every other Saturday for what seemed like forever when I was a kid. Since my Dad is retired Marine Corps, we'd take advantage of the hour long drive to get tax free groceries at the commissary and shop for clothes and whatnot at the PX. I used to bitch and moan about it when we did it because it would take up the majority of our Saturday, but I secretly really did enjoy it. Plus, I always loved stopping at the Robin Hood Sandwich Shoppe on base when we got there. To this day, I've never had an Italian sandwich as good as they make. I'd kill for one right now. Anyways, I remember hearing "Operator" on the oldies station my Dad used to listen to and really dug the tune. I guess I'll always think about that whenever I hear it.

So after hearing "Operator", I knew that Jim Croce was pretty good. But, once I heard "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", I knew he was awesome. My favorite tune of his though, has to be "New York's Not My Home". For me, it's a tune I can relate to when I attempted to move to the Jersey Shore back in 2003 and felt very out of place. That's a another story for another time though.

Here's a clip of him doing "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown on the Midnight Special and if you watch it, I guarantee you this song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day.

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  1. "I Got A Name."
    1978 Buick LeSabre, 8-track tape from GM Motors Concertmaster series.
    This guy is indelibly etched into the soundtrack of my youth.