Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 106

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young- Deja Vu

This is another band who's 80's material tainted me. My first taste of C,S,N (no Y) was that video where there on a sailboat. Hell, I can't remember the name of the song. But MTV played it all the time and it drove me nuts. I bet if I heard it now, I'd probably like it. Ha!

Of course I've heard many of these songs countless times, but I never owned a C,S,N & Y record until recently. It was a few months ago and Woodstock the movie came on VH1 Classic. I dug their set so much in the movie, I went out and got this record the next day.

This album really is a classic and I'm glad I got out of my 80's hatred of them. That video I was mentioning earlier was for "Southern Cross" by the way.
I'll probably end up with more from these guys with or without Neil Young, but for now this is all I have on vinyl. I do have quite a bit of Neil Young records in case you were wondering though.

Here's a cool live version of "Carry On". They are rocking it out in this clip.

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