Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 107

Rodney Crowell- Street Language

This is my first time listening to this record. It's another grab bag find. I've always liked Rodney Crowell ever since first being introduced to his music through the 1992 album Life is Messy. I got it as a promo and was just going to give it to my Dad since it was country, but I gave it a spin and loved it. I don't have that CD anymore, but I'd like to get it in my hands again. I'm sure it was never released on vinyl.

Another thing I've always admired about Rodney Crowell is his Nashville outsider status. I respect guys like him and Kevin Welch that don't play by Nashville's rules. I'd really like to hear what they would have to say about the schlock coming out of Nashville nowadays.

This album is 50/50 for me. I really can't stand the first track, "Let Freedom Ring" or the few songs that are ruined by the use of crappy keyboards. . But there are some gems on here like "When I'm Free Again", John Hiatt's "She Loves The Jerk", and "The Best I Can". Overall definitely not one of his finer moments. I bet he'd agree with me on that. Especially with how great he's been in the past decade.

Interesting side note. Looking at the liner notes, I noticed that David Lindley plays on this record too. I need to start keeping track of how many records I have with him on it. Dude is everywhere.

I can't find any videos for any tunes off this album so here's Rodney doing his classic, "Till I Gain Control Again" with Emmylou Harris. Enjoy

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