Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 114

Deep Purple- Fireball

Tonight's the first of 6 nights of Deep Purple. Unlike the streak of 8 that I did with Jackson Browne, I'm really looking forward to listening to all 6 back to back. In my book, Deep Purple are one of the best rock n' roll bands of all time. Every time I shop, I always make it a point to look for Deep Purple records. Sucks that I only have 6, but I'm looking forward to getting the rest.

I took a gamble buying this record used. It's really beat to hell, but it was cheap and I lucked out in that it plays really well. I guess this album isn't as well known as some others to the casual Deep Purple fan, but trust me, it rules.

I was surprised to read that it didn't even become a gold record in the US until 2001. Thirty years after it's release!
Another cool thing about this record that I just discovered, is that it's the Italian edition with "Demon's Eye" as the third track instead of "Strange Kind of Woman". Although I think the latter is a great song, I geekily think it's awesome that I found an import version of this album without even knowing it and paid just a few bucks to purchase it. Maybe I should track down the US version too.

It's 11:20pm now, and Jessica and I are going to attempt to go to Target in three hours to get a TV on Black Friday. I know we're nuts. So I'm going to leave you here and put on a movie to keep me occupied. I'm attempting to pull an all-nighter. Ugh.

Here's a high quality video I found on youtube of Deep Purple doing "Fireball" live. It's a lot of awesome.

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