Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 119

Deep Purple- Perfect Strangers

I was told tonight that I seemed a little burnt out from listening to Deep Purple the past 5 nights. Yeah, that's true. As much as I love Deep Purple, it's tough getting through multiple records by any band on consecutive nights. I'm always looking forward to the next band that's coming up.

That being said, this is my favorite Deep Purple record and happy I'm ending Deep Purple week with it. I'm sure people will think I'm nuts for saying that, but this was the first album I owned by them and also the tour that I got to see them on. Incredible show at the 1985 Texxas Jam. 25 years later and I can still see Jon Lord rocking that organ back and forth. Funny side note, I passed out during Ted Nugent's set. Hey, I was 12 and it was August! Pretty awesome lineup though: Victory, Grim Reaper, Bon Jovi, Ted Nugent, Night Ranger, Scorpions, and then Deep Purple. I was good to go by the time Night Ranger hit the stage. Man, the Texxas Jam was so much fun. Those were the good ol' days.

I wonder how it was for dudes that were big time fans of Deep Purple in their 70's heyday when they released this album after an eight year breakup. Did they dig it or think it was crap? It's hard for me to believe long time Purple fans would think it's crap with "Knocking at Your Back Door" and "Perfect Strangers" being the first two singles. Those songs kick serious ass. But I still think every song on this album kicks ass. It's the only one of their albums I've owned on vinyl, cassette, and CD.

When you think about it, when the "classic" Deep Purple reunited, it was a supergroup forming. You had Ritchie Blackmore and Roger Glover from Rainbow, Ian Gillan coming from Black Sabbath, Jon Lord with Whitesnake and Ian Paice backing up Gary Moore. That's a rather impressive list of bands there. Damn, that reminds me, I need to get some Gary Moore on vinyl. I always thought that dude was underrated. I think he was one of those guys that was big in Europe but small potatoes here. Thankfully we had shows like USA Network's Night Flight to introduce us to bands or artists like that. Remember that show? My brother and I would record it every Friday night and keep the videotapes and watch them over and over. We did that a lot with Headbanger's Ball too. We even had a video of Michael Bolton when he was rocking out and was then known as Michael Bolotin. Wish I could transfer those VHS tapes to DVD. Jim, do you still have them?

Ok, I'm babbling on and I got to get to bed. I have 4 records of the next band coming up. Any guesses?

Hey Jonathan, did you buy Machine Head tonight?

I couldn't decide which video to put up so I put up both.

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