Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 93

Phil Collins- No Jacket Required

As I eat my Whataburger after a long day of working at the Chronicle and then Waterloo, I'm looking at the new Mark Kozelek lp I bought tonight and listening to....Phil Collins. Somedays I curse this blog.

Why do I own this record? I remember buying it for a buck at Musicmania. I figured since I didn't have any Phil Collins that it was worth it. Um, now I'm not too sure. A few people that already knew this record was up next were trying to convince me that it was a good album. Yeah, not so much. If I wanted a Collins record, I should have gotten Hello, I Must Be Going!. At least "I Don't Care Anymore" is still a cool song.

I will admit, that I did love the hell out of "One More Night" back in Junior High. Think it had something to do with that Amy Littlefield chick not giving me the time of day again. Whatever, song sucks now. Maybe I'd still like it if I wasn't in a relationship with the most awesome girl in the world. And I always hated "Sussudio". What the hell is a Sussudio anyways? Stupid. And what about "Don't Lose My Number"? Is that just him ripping off Steely Dan's "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" but changing it to Billy? C'mon.

I will say that I like the last two songs on this album, "Inside Out" and "Take Me Home". If it weren't for these two songs on the record, I'd be using it to experiment in making coasters. Yeesh.

And for the record, I really do like Genesis a lot.


  1. Day 93 has hurt my heart. I feel like Pacino in Godfather 2 when realizes Alfredo betrayed him. If wanting a Collins record, maybe Face Value as well is more your speed...Bannister out*

  2. JB, sorry to break your heart, but that album really does blow. At least we'll always have Ambrosia.

  3. For the record, Collins made up the word "Sussudio" for the demo, and always meant to replace it with a real word. The title stuck, and a song was born that was meant to pay homage to Prince's "1999."
    That begs the question, which came first? Phil Collins or Majic 95?