Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 94

John Coltrane Quartet- Ballads

I wish I had the time and resources to be a huge Jazz nut. I love Jazz and not just the old stuff. I'm sure you know that already if you read my Acoustic Alchemy posts. I think I know a decent amount about the genre, but I hear some dudes talk about it and I'm clueless.

I first got into Coltrane when I was about 19 through my friend DL. We used to take cross country road trips together and between my Metal and Americana and his Jazz and Hip-Hop, it made for a pretty interesting musical journey. Whoever was behind the wheel, controlled the stereo. But it was all good. He listened to good Jazz and good Hip-Hop, so I definitely could get into it. Those were good times. I can't hear a Tribe Called Quest and not flashback to him driving 100 mph at night in the middle of West Virginia blasting Low End Theory on a stretch of highway that was under construction while tailing a limousine. I was scared shitless and he's just rapping out loud calm as a cucumber. Dude was a nut job, but I love him.

So thanks DL, for being the first to really introduce me to Coltrane. I don't remember if he had this album specifically, but I did get it on CD a few years later. It's pretty amazing that they did all of these songs in one take except for "All Or Nothing At All". As much as I love Coltrane's sax, I really dig McCoy Tyner's piano. I need to get some of his albums. I also need to get the John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman lp. Their version of "My One and Only Love" still kills me every time I hear it.

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