Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 96

Ry Cooder- Bop Til You Drop

I really like Ry Cooder's guitar playing a lot, but I'm not too crazy about his vocals. It's like when Satriani decided he could be a singer too. Oh, that was bad.

I guess my first exposure to Ry Cooder was on John Hiatt's, Bring The Family. And then after that, the Little Village supergroup thing he did with Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner, and Hiatt. That was an ok album. I still really dig that song, "Solar Sex Panel". Lastly was the Buena Vista Social Club. We had to play that constantly in my record store. It is a great album, but I got seriously sick of it.

This is another album I got on the cheap and not really the album I've been looking for by him. That would be Get Rhythm. I'm a huge fan of that song, "Going Back To Okinawa". Tip me off if you see it anywhere. Ok, back to this album. It's ok besides me not liking his vocals. I really dig his version of "Little Sister". I also dig the only instrumental, "I Think It's Going To Work Out Fine", and the gospel flavored "Trouble You Can't Fool Me". "Down in Hollywood" is just a flat out terrible tune.

There is a pretty impressive cast of musicians on the album though. From Jim Keltner on drums, David Lindley on guitar, and Chaka Khan on background vocals.

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