Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 120

Def Leppard- On Through The Night

One of my all time favorite bands ever since I heard "Photograph". Even in the 90's when I was heavily into Americana, grunge, and indie rock, I was still a huge fan of Def Leppard. Sure they've had some missteps throughout the years, but who hasn't? I got some crappy Stones records to back me up on that one. I'm still scratching my head when Def Leppard did that "9 Lives" tune off their last record with Tim McGraw. I saw an interview with Phil Collen recently where he said that they were going to do a High N' Dry type album. Please God, let that be true! But no matter what they do, I'll still get it the first day it comes out. They are my boys and still put on a great show live.

Being that I was 10 when Pyromania first came out, it never occurred to me at the time that they would have other albums. I was infatuated with that album for a good year straight. Eventually I got wise that they had two other albums with this being their debut. And it's a really solid debut at that. I doubt it's anyone's favorite Def Leppard album, but it sure does rock. That's pretty evident as soon as "Rock Brigade" kicks in. The album cover cracks me up though. I think the semi carrying the guitar is cool, but what cracks me up is that the record company put their name on it twice. Once in regular font so you could read the band name and another as their logo. Pretty silly. Oh, and the truck driving out of the moon is pretty ridiculous too. Who comes up with this shit?

I know Def Lepp have even stated that they don't really like this album, but I'd still recommend it. Good British rock n' roll record. And no, I don't consider them "heavy metal". That's an insult to real metal bands like Iron Maiden, Saxon, and Judas Priest. They are a rock n' roll band plain and simple. And I love them for it.

Man, look how young they look in this video! And what the hell are they wearing? God Bless You Tube!

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