Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 123

Def Leppard- Hysteria

While the song "Animal" was playing, Jessica said, "This song reminds me of watching the MTV Video Countdown with my Dad. It's 'Photograph' right?" Oy. Much to learn still she does.

What I remember when this album first came out was MTV hyping up the world premiere of the video for "Women". I was so psyched for it and so "what the hell?" after it was over. It's not a bad song, but a first single? Umm....

Of course I still went out and bought it the first day it came out and was relieved to hear songs like "Animal", "Armageddon It", and "Don't Shoot Shotgun" to name a few. I did like every song on the album but one. "Love Bites". Never ever liked that song. Pissed me off that they released that song as their ballad single instead of "Love and Affection". Much better song.

Ok, let's talk about "Pour Some Sugar On Me". It's a fun tune, but God I'm still sick of hearing it. It annoys me that to fair weathered fans, that's the song they are most known for. KLBJ, the local rock radio station in town apparently thinks that Def Leppard is a one hit wonder since it's the only song they ever play by them. Give me a break. Is it really that surprising that more and more people are turning to internet and satellite radio? I'm sure the band doesn't care since they are probably still making a big fat penny off that song. I wish that the next time I saw them live, they would honor my request of not playing that song. Some songs just need to be retired.

A lot of my friends growing up did get turned off by Def Leppard when this album came out. But not me. Yeah it's not as heavy as their first three albums, but the songs are still catchy as hell. One of my favorite things about Def Leppard are the background vocals and they mastered the art on this album. Does any band do it better? I think not.

I got the chance to see them twice on this tour. The first was "in the round" with Tesla opening up. Still one of the best shows I've ever seen. I need to find a concert video of that. Since a lot of bands like to re-create the past, I'd love to see Def Leppard bring the In The Round Tour back on the road. I bet it would do well. The second time I saw them on this tour was with Europe opening up. It was at an outdoor amphitheater so not as cool, but worth mentioning because Europe played "The Final Countdown" to open and close their set. Ha! Talk about getting sick of a song. Fair warning, I do have that Europe record so be prepared. I don't know why I have it honestly. I thought it would be funny.

Let me jump on my soap box here for a second. Can we please stop with the Rick Allen the one armed drummer jokes already? First of all it happened over 25 years ago and secondly, he should be admired for what he overcame and that he had the determination to learn how to play the drums with one arm. If you ask me, the dude is nothing short of a bad ass. Long Live The Thunder God!

Well tonight wraps up my Def Leppard run. I'm bummed that I don't have anymore on vinyl. I did find Slang at Forever Young in Grand Prairie, but they priced it at $34.99. Say what!!!??? And yes, I really like that album too. I have it on cd.

This song still tugs at my heartstrings:

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