Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 124

The Del Fuegos- Boston, Mass.

Listening to this album again reminds me of this girl, Lisa Brinson, I used to work with at Sound Warehouse back in 91-92. We were nothing more than friends, but she was a super cool girl that dug the Del Fuegos as much as I did. She was one of those cool chicks that dudes liked hanging out with because she could go toe to toe with you talking about music. I wish I kept in touch with her. After she went off to school at Texas Tech, we lost touch. I'm sure it was my fault. She was a good friend.

It's nuts when you think about how good the Boston music scene is. Thinking about who I've gone through from Boston doing this blog and I've listened to Aerosmith, Boston, The Cars, and now The Del Fuegos. I have a lot more Boston bands coming up too. I like how diverse the scene is. You can't pinpoint one style of music to that scene. Think about it. Besides the bands I've mentioned, there is New Edition, New Kids On The Block, James Taylor, Guster, Wheat, Juliana Hatfield, etc., etc. And I've never been to Boston. I really want to go though. Going to a game at Fenway is on my bucket list.

This is another damn good garage rock album from the 80's. You'll be tapping your toes and nodding your head throughout the album. Pretty funny that Dan Zanes fronted this band. In case you don't know who he is, he's big time on the Children's music scene nowadays. I know he won a grammy a few years back for a kids' album. Good for him.

I love it when I find videos on You Tube that I've never seen before. Thank you person that put it up on there!

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