Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 126

The Del Lords- Johnny Comes Marching Home

I have no recollection of how I got into The Del Lords but I'm glad I did. These guys are real deal rock n' roll. Why they never became huge rock stars I'll never understand.

I do remember that the only album I had by them was their last, Lovers Who Wander on cassette. Great album title by the way. I played the crap out of that tape and specifically loved the song "You and I". I put that song on so many mix tapes back in those days. Great, great love song. I'd love to find that album on vinyl.

This is their second lp and the only one I have. But seriously, I need to find all four asap. This record especially kicks you in the balls with its rock. You dudes need to hear "Drug Deal". Awesome instrumental track. If I were passing out grades on these records I'm listening to on this blog, I'd definitely give this one an "A". Next time I work a shift at Waterloo, I'll play one of their albums on the overhead and I guarantee I'll get someone asking about. Just wonder if we have any of their cd's in stock.

So this is cool. I just googled "The Del Lords" and was at first surprised that they have a website, and then even more surprised to learn that they just got back together this year and recorded a new EP! They went on a mini tour and said they will be back out in 2011. Please come to Austin! SXSW perhaps? Great news.

Well, I can't find any video at all on You Tube for any track off this record. That's too bad. I should be one of those guys that posts songs on there with just a video of my turntable playing the song. Instead here's a clip off their Lovers Who Wander album just to give you a taste of The Del Lords:

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