Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 131

Johnny Diesel & The Injectors- Johnny Diesel & The Injectors

Back in 1991 when I graduated high school, we had this school sponsored event the night of graduation called "Ram Jam" at the Harvey Hotel in Dallas. It was an all night thing and pretty fun. They had casino games where you win prizes and one of the prizes I won on roulette was this album. I had no idea who they were at the time, but I was open to listen to anything.

The next morning, my brother and I drove 24 hours straight back to San Diego where he was living at the time. Somewhere in the middle of Arizona at three in the morning when he was crashed out and I was behind the wheel, I put this in the tape deck to help keep me awake. I enjoyed it so much I played it back to back. I think the reason I remember this so vividly was because this album was on when I hit a coyote. Critter came out of nowhere and I couldn't avoid it. I stopped the car, but he was long gone. Freaked me the hell out and my brother was pissed I woke him up. Ha!

I spent a good portion of that summer in San Diego and this was one of my soundtracks. I'd take my sister's car out for a drive around La Mesa and play this album. So needless to say, I'll always think of San Diego when I hear this. The other album that does that to me is the Bodeans Black & White album. Eventually I came back to Dallas, fell in love with a girl who was into indie rock, and put this album on the backburner. This is probably the first time I've listened to it in 19 years. Still sounds pretty damn good. I was pretty happy when I found it on vinyl. It wasn't anything I was hunting for, but a nice find to remind me of my past. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's a shame that no one is making great bar band rock n' roll anymore. Of course, I guess everyone has their own definition of great bar band rock n' roll. Well, this is mine.

Johnny Diesel broke up the Injectors after this, there one and only album. In 1992, he did release a solo record called Hepfidelity that wasn't band, but wasn't a punch in the mouth like this record was. I still think I have that one on CD somewhere around here. Maybe I'll give it another spin too. I read that he's still playing and is still successful back in Australia. Good for him. I always like to hear about bands or artists I've long forgotten about are still out there doing it. Beats sitting behind a desk all day like me.

I love this song but have never seen the video before:

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